To be clear, I am not a garden expert or trying to be one. I do know that I find incredible joy in cultivating and harvesting the food that I grow. People that have seen my garden wonder how they can start their own or even grow a few veggies or flowers on their deck. In an effort to make it easy for others to grow their own food, I write about my experiences and learnings along the way, including resources, recipes, and weekly gardening tips.

I grew up with parents that came West and immediately flourished in the organic gardening movement. When I finally had a yard of my own, I was nervous that I would not love gardening as much as they wanted me to or that my trend of killing indoor plants would continue in the garden. I was relieved to discover that gardening not only brings joy to my life, but I can grow delicious, good, real food, and you can too.

When I am not in the garden, I’m focused on my other passion, helping businesses to grow with brand and marketing support. I’m a Marketing and Business professional that specializes in crafting customer centric experiences and content that build relationships and exceed business goals. To learn more, find me on linkedIn or email me at meganrichardsmarketing@gmail.com.

Most importantly, just remember, gardening is cheaper than therapy. A day in the dirt does the body and soul good.




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