Harvesting Garlic

Last October I told all y’all that I was planting Garlic for the first time. Well, 9 months later, it is ready to harvest. If you joined me, your garlic stems are brown and dry and can be pulled out of the ground.


To harvest:

  • Pull out of ground when at least half of the stem is brown and dry (during the month of July)
  • Hang the garlic in a warm and dry location for about 2 weeks to cure (preserve the garlic so that it lasts longer)

I hung my garlic in our garden shed. Now that it is summer, it stays fairly warm at night and is definitely warm during the day.


Now your 1 clove has turned into an entire head of garlic! Use this to season all your swiss chard, spinach, and other yummy dishes from the garden. Plus, it is loaded with vitamin B6, C, and manganese, so bring on the bad breathe.

Note: If you did not plant garlic last Fall, add this to your list to plant this October. It is so easy, just plan for a 9 month growing season. Learn how to grow garlic.

One thought on “Harvesting Garlic

  1. I love planting garlic, because it’s one of the last things you can do before your garden goes dormant in fall and then gives you a great yield in July! It tends to be disease and insect resistant too which is great for those over-wintering crops.


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