Gardening pitfalls

This is the time when you walk out to your garden and are surprised to find that there is a lot more growing than just the vegetables that you planted. New plants are thriving = weeds are also thriving.

2 things to do now:

  1. Weed your garden. Be sure to make room for the new plants you seeded. Eventually they will be big and mighty and take over the weeds.
  2. Thin your plants. If you planted 2 or more seeds and 2 or more plants are coming up, when the plants are a few inches high, narrow it down to 1.


  • I planted my seeds 3 weeks ago. The arugula, peas, radishes, and kale are already large enough to thin. See in photos above.
  • If you do not know whether it is a weed or a vegetable, don’t pull it. Wait a little longer and you will be able to tell the difference.
  • Weed after it has rained or after you have watered your garden beds. It is easier to pull weeds in moist soil.

Taking the time to tend to your garden now will lead to long term success. Only a few more weeks and your garden will be flourishing. Do you have any tips for helping your vegetables to grow now?




One thought on “Gardening pitfalls

  1. Good tip about weeding after watering!

    Do you ever plant marigolds or what do you advise to battle slugs, snails, and insects?


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