Plant bulbs for spring blooms

I am the first to admit that I planted my spring flower bulbs too late. I bought these bulbs in October with the intention of planting them in November and missed the boat. I’m hoping that in the end, I am still able to enjoy some Tulips and Daffodils in early spring and Ranunculus in late spring. I welcome you to join me in the last ditch effort to have colorful blooms fill your yard this spring.

It will take you no more than 1/2 hour to plant a few bags of bulbs. I divided these amongst the front and back yard. Follow these easy steps:

  • Find spots in your yard that will be bare this spring with partial to full sunDSC_0204
  • Break up the dirt and dig a hole 9-12″ deep
  • Fill this square foot hole with up to 9 bulbs
  • Place bulbs with the tips facing upĀ DSC_0206
  • Sprinkle with flower fertilizer – I used Dr. Earth
  • Cover hole
  • Either water or wait for rain

Now, we cross our fingers that we are not too late, and get to enjoy beautiful fresh flowers straight from our yard this spring!