Time to plant garlic

You might be thinking it is time to close up your garden beds and start hibernating for the winter. Believe it or not, there are still crops to plant, both for harvesting and to keep your soil healthy through the winter (winter cover crops).

Now is a greDSC_0027at time to plant Garlic. Garlic survives very cold winters and grows quickly when weather begins to warm. It is important to prep your soil prior to planting, but overall, it is an easy process.

  • Prep your soil: Garlic needs fertile soil so prior to planting, add organic matter to your beds. I filled a bucket up from my compost bin and added some fertilizer and mixed it into the soil.
  • Break your bulb of garlic into cloves: don’t worry about planting the smaller cloves as these will grow small bulbs. Plant the cloves about 4 to 8 inches apart, 1 inch deep, root side down.
  • To harvest: The garlic will grow leaves and eventually the leaves will turn brown. The garlic is ready to harvest when 3-4 green leaves remain on the stem. DSC_0041

This is my first time growing garlic, so please share any tips or tricks for me
in the comment section below. Get ready to flavor those dishes!