What to seed in August

DSC_0001_2As my zucchini leaves develop a sheen of white and my green bean leaves turn yellow, I am reminded that it is time to start thinking about my Fall harvest. August is the month to seed for veggies that you will harvest in October.

What can you seed in August for a Fall harvest?

Swiss Chard

There are of course many more Fall greens and roots, but these are top of mind for me. Once again, I ask myself what we eat the most of and how much space I have. I will plant the following:

Bed #1:
Swiss Chard
Carrots – I planted these in July


I have decided to group all of the leafy greens into the same bed because I plan to cover these crops with a cloche to protect from larvae and the cold weather later in the season.

In the spring, I also used a cloche on this bed to protect from larvae and all of my leafy greens stayed healthy. Later in the season, my cloche tore and I had to remove it, brown spots immediately started appearing on my Swiss Chard and Spinach. I was never able to harvest the remaining leafy greens because they were so infected by leaf miners, read more here. At this time, I decided to not plant leafy greens unless I am able to cover them.

Bed #2:

I still have carrots, leaks, and onions in this bed and they will continue to grow into the Fall. I will add:
More carrots

Before seeding, take this time to tend to your soil:
Add fertilizer
Add compost
Rotate your crops and don’t plant the same thing in the same location

Let the harvest continue!

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