What to seed in early July

DSC_0096You are probably harvesting a lot of delicious veggies at this point, good work! You also might be at the end of others; I have pulled out Spinach, Arugula, and Lettuce in the last few weeks. All of this means that there is space in your garden beds to plant new seeds, yippee!

So what should you be planting in early July in the Northwest?

  • Slow growing winter crops, so they have time to grow before the cold weather sets in.
  • Summer vegetables that will survive the hot weather of July and August and be ready for harvest in September.


Some ideas:

Swiss Chard

How do you decide what to plant?

As I always say, first, what do you eat the most of? Start with that. For me, it is lettuce, carrots, beans, and beets.

DSC_0091Second, you want to rotate your crops, so plant something new in your empty space. If you now have space where your lettuce was planted, don’t plant lettuce in the same square footage. It is important to rotate your crops annually, so that the same pests do not continue to fester.

Lastly, you can consider vegetable companions and antagonists. For example, I have an open space and I am choosing to split up the square footage to plant beets and beans because they are good companions. Also, I will split up another section of square footage to plant lettuce and carrots because they are good companions.

Above all else, if you have open space in your garden beds, fill it as soon as possible, so that you maintain a continual harvest.

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