Swiss chard – why and what to make

This winter I was checking out at the grocery store and the Checker said “wow, I see a lot of KalDSC_0091e, but I never see people buy swiss chard. What do you do with this?” Good question.

I first started buying swiss chard to put into green smoothies. It is a fairly mild green that is rich in nutrients, specifically vitamins A, K, and C and even has fiber and protein.

Now that I am growing it in the garden, I have a lot, more than I need for just smoothies. So what else can you make with swiss chard?

DSC_0096One of the easiest recipes is to saute swiss chard (I will also add some of my spinach) with garlic, olive oil, and a little lemon. It is so simple and delicious. Pair it with a garden burger and you have a yummy, healthy, quick week day dinner.

Most recently, I made the Emerald City Salad by PCC. PCC has a breadth of delicious recipes that are easy to find based on the ingredients you want to use from your garden. The Emerald City Salad uses a ton of greens (swiss chard and kale) and you can easily add or substitute other greens or even make it all swiss chard. I love this salad because it
includes a ton of greens and wild rice. You can make a big batch and take it for lunches all week long. Feel free to add some garbanzo beans for extra protein. DSC_0092

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