First harvest of the season – radishes

Before you know it, your veggies are flourishing, and then you think, when should I harvest them? You are afraid to cut or pull too soon but also don’t want them to overgrow and then lose their taste. Be sure to take a little time to learn when you should harvest each of the veggies that you are growing.

DSC_0012_2This is the first year I have grown radishes. Only a week after thinning them, they appeared to have doubled in size. I quickly realized that I may need to harvest them. I referenced my favorite book, Square Foot Gardening, and learned to harvest radishes before they are the size of a ping pong ball. Looks like they are ready to harvest!

Just to confirm, do a taste test with the first veggie harvested. I took one bite and the perfect balance of crunch and spice affirmed that it was time to pull them out and enjoy.

The moment I pull a radish or cut a leaf of arugula or pluck a zucchini, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and joy. Relish in this feeling and take in the beauty and taste of your very own creation!


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