Summer vegetables and transplanting

Not everything is quite ready to be planted directly into the garden bed in April. I will start zucchini and peppers in smaller containers indoors, where the nights are hopefully warmer than outside. I collected extra plant containers over the last year to fill with soil and the zucchini and pepper seeds.

Fill the container with soil and fertilizer and plant the seed, according to the seed package directions. Water and set in a container indoors near a window. About 2 weeks after I did this, one of the zucchini plants had sprouted and the other 6 showed no sign of a growing plant. This seemed really unusual. So I lightly dug up the seed and discovered that none of the seeds showed any signs of sprouting. Must not have been a great batch of seeds. I h ave since started over with new seeds.

Peppers are both delicious and expensive, so I have decided to take on the challenge of trying to grow them. Again, I used plastic plant containers and filled them with vermiculite, which can be used a seed germination. I then set them inside of glass dishes and filled the dishes with water. If I put water directly into the vermiculite it would cause the vermiculDSC_0029ite to float and overflow. This way, the vermiculite will soak up the water. I planted the seeds per directions on the package. I set them in front of the window. I spray them with a water bottle every week. Wish me luck!

This year, I will plant tomatoes into pots. They can take up a lot of space in the garden bed, so I bought 4 big plastic pots and will fill them with tomatoes mid-end of May.

Green Beans
Green beans are the perfect summer snack. Since they are a summer vegetable so I wanted to wait until it gets just a little bit warmer to seed directly into the garden bed. I will plant these beginning-mid May. Beans do not transplant well, so plan to seed when you know there is no risk of freeze.

OthIMG_0226er Veggie Starters 
This is a great time to start any vegetables that you know you will want more of after you harvest the first planting. I have started a few containers of lettuce seeds. I will probably do this for my spinach and swiss chard. This way, when you have harvested all of your vegetable, you have already jump started the next round to plant directly into the bed.

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