Planting your garden beds

If you have read my previous posts, you have planned what you want to grow and where you will grow it, prepared your soil, and are ready to plant. Before you start planting, be sure you have done the following:

  • Planned out what you want to grow and where (and of course have purchased your seeds)
  • Prepared your beds for planting by nurturing your soil for a healthy and happy environment for your vegetables
  • Know what to plant now for spring growing and what you need to seed indoors and transplant outside for summer

Grab your seeds, shovel, fertilizer, measuring tape, and sketch of what you plant to grow per square foot, and head outside. DSC_0002

Mark each square foot. I am a particular person, so I actually measure and mark each square foot of my bed. This makes it easy for me to ensure I am sticking to my planting plan.

RDSC_0002efer to your sketch. In the post “Planning your garden beds”, you made a list of the vegetables you will grow per square foot. Reference this to know how many squares to dedicate to each crop. For example, I decided to grow 15 sq. ft of lettuce so I will dedicate 15 squares of my bed to planting lettuce seeds. You also know that can grow 4 lettuce plants/ sq. ft so you will make 4 holes/ sq. ft for your lettuce seeds.

Start planting from the inside out. It is much easier to first plant the inside of your bed and then move towards the outside so you are sure not to step on your seeds.DSC_0010

Plant 2 seeds per hole. To increase your chances of sprouting a healthy veggie, plant two seeds/hole. If both seeds sprout, pull out one of the plants so that the other can continue to have the space to grow.

Follow the instructions on the seed package. To know how deep to make the hole and how much dirt to cover the hole with, refer to the seed package.

Add fertilizer. After your planted the seed and as you cover the hole with dirt, sprinkle in some fertilizer with the dirt that is covering the hole.

Water. Once your beds have been planted, water.

Watch your seeds grow!

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